Moon and Stars Indigo Fabric

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Each fabric at the Kofar Mata Dye Pit has been made using a special system. First the cotton is tied and woven by women at home to create the intricate designs. It is then given to the men, where they are dyed at the dye pit using ancient methods. 

The Moon and Stars design symbolises a nights sky. The spiral at the centre is a bright shining moon and the circles surrounding it depict the multiple stars. 

Due to all fabrics being hand tied and hand dyed, there may be slight variation between batches and patterns.

Fabric Composition

100% Nigerian Funtua Cotton 

~ 120- 150gsm

Fabric Size

2 yards x 3 yards (180cm x 275cm)

Fabric Care

With freshly dyed indigo, there will be a "rub off" of excess indigo, leaving your hands blue.

After the initial wash the colour transfer will be minimal as the indigo has been fixed during a process at the dye pits. 

Over a period of time, indigo will fade similar to dark denim.