Our Story


    Hey! I am Seyi Sokoya, the British West-African Founder of Kamso!


    The inspiration to launch Kamso came as a graduate after having my first child in my final year of university. I felt pretty lost as to what to do, as a single mother having to provide for a young child at a relatively young age myself.


    I noticed that in children’s clothing, little mirrored the authenticity that I associated with African heritage. When seeing African inspired clothing it was mainly intense prints, not the natural beauty and skilled craftsmanship I associate with my heritage.


    I quickly made the decision to use the little savings I had to travel to Nigeria and create the clothing that I wanted my son and other children worldwide to have access to.


    In May 2019, Kamso was born.


    About Kamso


    Kamso is an ethical children's lifestyle brand inspired by African Heritage for children aged 0-12 years old. Our ethos is built upon the beauty of African culture: embracing nature, utilising local craft skills and prioritizing community wellbeing.


    Kamso designs are strongly influenced by traditional African design elements, local textiles and traditional craft techniques. Neutral colours and subdued prints encapsulate our rich culture, many pieces suiting both boys and girls.


    Each piece is ethically and consciously crafted to the highest quality and durability, allowing it to be enjoyed and passed on to others.


    Inclusive economic growth and sustainable development is integral in Kamso’s manufacturing model. We directly align with the United Nation’s Sustainable Development Goal through our production of well-crafted clothing using small batch production; ethical trade and labour practices and support of the local Nigerian economy.


    As we grow, we aim to further promote inclusive and sustainable economic growth in the region, by establishing an apprenticeship scheme and creating more jobs.