Zip Hooded Jumper

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Our zip hooded jumper is the ultimate piece for a versatile wardrobe. The medium weight loop back cotton is perfect for lounging at home and great layer for those outdoor adventures. 

The full body to waistline zip is adorned with a 14K gold cowry shell symbolic of Ghana’s main export Gold. The hand printed Bese Saka also symbolises wealth and abundance with unity. 

Please note that all pieces are slightly unique and will honour the imperfections of a handmade piece. 

Accessorize your little ones outfit with an Adjoa scrunchie to compliment their jumper here. 

Adinkra Symbol Meaning

Bese Saka - The Bese Saka on our clothing symbolises abundance and affluence in addition to togetherness. The symbol depicts a bunch of Kola nuts; the Kola nut trade brought about economic well being in Ghana. The use of collective Kola nuts instead of one pod symbolises the importance of unity within community to bring about abundance. We use this symbol as a reminder that there is richness in community and may wealth and prosperity come to those who wear it.