Mali Shirt - Light Indigo

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Introducing our Light Indigo Mali Shirts, exquisitely handcrafted from Nigerian cotton and organically dyed in the ancient Kofar Mata dye pits. These dye pits, with a history spanning over 500 years, utilize time-honored dyeing techniques to produce the beautiful Light Indigo shade. To achieve this color, each Mali shirt is repeatedly dipped in the organic indigo solution for 2 hours, resulting in a soft, light blue hue that is both elegant and unique.

The Mali Shirts feature a slot neckline and elastic cuffs, offering optimal comfort and a relaxed fit. The open collar and coconut button fastenings add a touch of casual sophistication, making these shirts perfect for any occasion. Whether paired with our matching Remi trousers or shorts, the Light Indigo Mali Shirts bring a timeless and stylish look to your child’s wardrobe.

By purchasing our Light Indigo Mali Shirts, you are supporting the Kofar Mata Dye Pit Community and helping to preserve these ancient dyeing traditions.

Material and Care

100% Naturally Dyed Indigo Cotton

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