Zip Hooded Jumper
Sand Dunes

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Our Zip Hooded jumper cut from mid-weight loopback cotton is soon to be your little ones favourite hoodie!

This hoodie has been hand printed with the Adinkra symbol Nserewa, 4 cowries, which symbolises wealth and abundance. The cowry shell was used as currency in ancient Ghana, and our 14K Gold plated cowrie shell zip is a nod to their affluent history.

Accessorize your little ones outfit with a scrunchie to compliment their jumper here. 

Please note that all pieces are slightly unique and will honour the imperfections of a handmade piece. 

Adinkra Symbol Meaning

Nserewa - The Nserewa symbol, similar to Bese Saka, symbolises wealth, affluence and abundance. The cowry shells were used in the past as a form of payment. THe use of this symbol encourages wealth, affluence and abundance to those who wear it.