Miho and Totto Take us Around Tokyo

Tokyo is a sprawling city of diverse neighbourhoods, where traditional culture lies side by side with visions from the future! It is one of the world's most populous metropolis, which makes it an interesting place to raise a child who loves nature and the outdoors. Sometimes the pollution, noise and continuing motion of city life can be overwhelming so Miho and Totto will take us away from the hussle and bussle of city life and show us their favourite spots.


Totto wears our Kamso Banana Printed Shorts.

Q - Thank you Miho, for choosing to show us Tokyo from your perspective. We would love to know more about you.


A - You're very welcome. I was born and raised in Tokyo, where I met my husband and we decided to raise our son, Totto, here. I sometimes feel it can be very fast paced, as it is a busy city with a lot of people, however we are comfortable and our family lives here which is great for Totto too. We do regularly go to Hawaii to reconnect with nature and the sea!


Q - You and Totto both have such a great sense of style, what inspires you to dress the way you do?


A - My inspiration mainly comes from the traveling we do. We are lucky enough to be able to visit and experience a range of cultures. Instagram also allows us to keep up to date with interesting independent brands and I love when I find new ones like yourself! We rarely buy clothes from Japan, as we prefer less commercial clothing.



Q - Where is your favourite place to disconnect in Tokyo?


A - Odaiba Kaihin Park is a beautiful place to disconnect, watch the sunset and chill with children. Odaiba has a shopping area and indoor playground, so after the day there, it is nice to go to the park and take time to relax. From the beach you can see a famous Japanese bridge.


Q - Where would you say is Totto's favourite place to go in Tokyo?


A - Totto loves the icecream from the 24/7 convenience store, so we are always there! It isn't a place to relax and enjoy the scenery, however they have a range of flavours of ice cream that he loves! 



Q - How do you find your "centre" in the hustle and bustle of Tokyo?


A - Sometimes I go to the shrine with Totto. They are old traditional buildings where you can have an authentic Japanese experience. We have many famous shrines, where I would recommend anyone who comes to Tokyo to visit. You can go anytime and it is surrounded by nature which is beautiful.



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