A Seat at the Table with Miracle Sharri.

We knew we had stumbled upon someone special when we came across Miracle, a young creative and model from Compton, California, in an editorial shoot carrying her daughter. We were not, however prepared to encounter such a beautiful, wise and kind soul. She seems to have found her match made in heaven in fiancé Pedro Oros, a talented photographer and the beautiful imagery on their Instagrams are a testament to their perfect pairing.

We were lucky enough to sit down with her to discuss young motherhood, interracial relationships, balancing life working as a creative and following her dreams.

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Q - Thank you for taking the time to sit down with us Miracle. How would you describe yourself, beyond being a mother? 

A - It is lovely to sit down with you guys! Beyond being a mother, I am a model, artist, creative director, and self love advocate. I think it is super important to have my own identity aside from being a mother because you can lose who you are and the things that make you happy.

Q - Do you feel your motherhood journey differs from the norm?

A - I do feel like my motherhood journey is different only because we experience things differently as individuals and every child needs to be loved and nurtured in their own special way. But as mother's we all have the same goal to give our children the best life we can possibly provide.

Q - Since having your daughter, has there been any major change in a choice of lifestyle?

A - Since having my daughter there has not been any major changes in my life or lifestyle choices, I have always been true to myself and I don't think motherhood necessarily changes you but pushes you more to be who you are. I live life for myself not seeking approval from anyone, which makes me more powerful in my being as a woman and mother.

Q - As a young, black mother, do you feel positively represented?

A - As a young black mother I do not feel represented by many outlets. I especially feel being dark skin there are not many Mothers in the forefront who look like myself, so I work hard to continue showing the beauty of black motherhood with a loving family.

Q – In what ways do you try to rewrite this narrative in your everyday life?

A - I realized I couldn’t live a positive life with a negative mind so I push to break barriers. I may be the first (and hopefully not the last) woman of dark skin to work with companies and brands that I like but feel need more diversity.

Q - You have a beautiful multiracial family and your daughter is of mixed heritage, do you purposefully raise her equally identifying with both cultures? How do you do so?

A - With my daughter being Mexican and black I do try to make sure she identifies with both cultures, her father and his family only speak Spanish in front of her, which I am learning myself. We buy her dolls and books that she can identify with.

Q - Do you ever struggle with culture clashes?

A - There have not been any real clashes because from the beginning we both had similar morals and beliefs. Before we even knew we were going to be together for a long time, I wanted to make sure that we would be on the same page with life decisions. I think it is important to know who you are with and to talk about what possible differences may occur in a relationship before you move on to having children. I will say the hardest part of being in an interracial relationship are the comments from other people questioning whether we are truly her parents, people have went as far as to ask if I was a baby sitter and if he was just a gardener living with me. I try not to let those things get to me, but of course sometimes I can't help but to feel a type of way because I spent nine months making a human for my legitimacy as her mother to be questioned.

Q - You and your partner do not have conventional jobs. As young new parents, how do you balance living in your truth and following your dreams with the financial responsibilities of being parents?

A - With Pedro being a photographer and myself being a model, we were scared when we first found out we were going to be parents. I did not think I would be able to keep modelling. I told him that if I had to quit modelling for a while he should continue to be a photographer no matter what because I wanted one of us to be able to follow our dreams. He encouraged me to stay positive and keep modelling which I decided to do when I felt comfortable enough to be in front of the camera. With finances we realized a baby really is not that expensive, we chose to breastfeed, which cut a cost, she was nearly naked the first few months (we had plenty of clothes, but skin to skin was important to us). We were blessed with amazing families who help us out when we have photoshoots so that took out babysitting costs, not that I would trust anyone outside of the family anyways. Diapers are truly the only cost for her at this moment, so for parents who think a child is expensive, they aren't.

Q - What would be your advice to parents who are too worried to follow their dreams?

A - To any parents, who are scared to follow their dreams, do not live your life in fear. Anything is possible if you truly believe in yourself, manifestation is real. Speaking positive affirmations into your own life can change your mindset, which will help you go further than you ever thought possible. When my mother in law found out we were having a baby she told me, "babies are a blessing and they come bearing gifts." When I heard those words I kept repeating that to myself literally everyday and amazing things just started happening for us. As I stated earlier babies are not expensive because we believed we would have an abundance of everything, and we have not lacked a single thing. Of course there are times when things seem a bit difficult but with a positive mindset and focus that everything will work out, everything does.

Q - Finally, give one pay it forward piece of advice. A pay it forward piece of advice is something that was told to you and it changed your mindset. Hopefully it can change someone else's too.

A - Something I think everyone should know is a line from the book "The Power of Intention" by Dr. Wayne Dyer which says "Do not focus on what is missing in your life, shift to what you want to attract into your life." This way of thinking helped me focus on the positive things and blessings I already have instead of the negative.


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