Drawstring Sweatpants
Rustic Clay

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Our Drawstring sweatpants are a relaxed fit and easy to wear, making them the perfect bottoms to lounge in or go for a walk. The elastic waistband gives your little ones room to move whilst the cuffed ankles promotes comfort.

These sweatpants have been beautifully adorned with a hand-printed Akoko Nan symbol, which symbolises a parent's role of striving to achieve the perfect balance of nurture and discipline. Pair these with our Zip Hooded Jumper for your new favourite outfit to wear around the house.

Adinkra Symbol Meaning

Akoko Nan- The Akoko Nan is a symbol of the "leg of a hen". The Ghanaian proverb states that the hen treads on their chicks, however does not kill them. We believe this symbol defines African parenting perfectly. It is a symbol to encourage parents to nurture but not to pamper, encouraging protection as well as correction. We use this symbol on our clothing as a gentle reminder to our fellow parents.


100% Cotton